More Changes

NoSteroidsIn November 2012 I was told that I could not compete in bodybuilding without the use of steroids because of my age.

I set out to prove one person wrong.

After a couple years of stacking on muscle, I decided that this goal was not inline with my current mission.

My mission is to help others.

I have recently returned to Visalus Sciences and after a few years of professional development I have learned that the most important elements of Network Marketing is helping others. Most people in Network Marketing (and in life) are all about themselves. They live a life revolving around what is in it for me. They take action on personal gain and not with the mission of helping others.

I have discovered that no matter the financial gain, my wealth comes from the success of the people that I work with. It is a sort of spiritual wealth.

My success in Network Marketing has always included this fact and now I declare it. This is no longer about me. It is about those I work with, dare I say for.

Dave Bernard

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