The Blame Game

How many people have you ran across that never take ownership for the circumstances they end up in? You know the type. Everything is someone elses fault and the world seems to owe these people something. What amazes me is that I have even seen leaders take this route.

The first thing I do when things are not going as planned is take a deep look in the mirror to see if the problem is me? If I can honestly say that I have done everything right and things still did not work in my favor then I will, at times, point fingers. The fact is that it rarely, if ever, happens. In almost every case, I can look directly at myself to find blame. In some cases it is because I did not ask enough questions before taking action. The more apparent cause is that I did not follow the plan. I chose to add my own flare or variety. You could say I tried to reinvent the wheel.

How people who do not follow the plan can blame others is overwhelming to me. It is one of the most frustrating moments of my day when it happens. You can imagine that I want to point a finger at that person. Then it comes to me; they did not follow the plan because I forgot to help them in the beginning to make sure they understood the plan. If you are a leader and your team of followers are not living up to your expectations you have to look at yourself as the problem. You must adjust. It is likely that you can trace the root cause directly to your initial interaction.

Take time to discover the cause of every problem, adjust with what you discover, take ownership of your issues, and help others to become successful. As you begin to evolve, you will avoid getting caught up in The Blame Game.



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