I didn’t even know this CTA (call to action) video genre even existed. I was first Introduced through post magic that I saw on an empower network blog that was sent to me from a friend. I watched the video and after a couple of days of letting the information sink in I joined for $27 per month. The sales tactics from PostMagic were not impressive but I was intriqued by the power of the technology. The biggest issue I had was that they wanted me to join the marketing side of the business and pay a butt load of money to do it. There was not a product tied to the inflated price of joining other than making money when someone else chose to do the same. I am not interested in that type of marketing or product so I passed. A couple of days into using Post Magic, I saw a paid advertising suggested post on FaceBook for ViewBix. Being a bit of a sceptic after clicking on the add, I chose to google ViewBix to find out what is was all about. Come to find out it was simular to Post Magic. Because I could join for free I chose to do so. I posted two free “players” or call to action videos and that is when I saw the biggest difference between PostMagic and ViewBix. ViewBix gives you the embeded code to the player! Why is this a big deal? Simple, with the embeded code I can now add these videos to my websites or blogs. Now this is POWER! You see FaceBook is only as good as your friends list or page likes. Websites or Blogs have the ability to become far more reaching globally and now with this tool I have the ability to take any video including my own and have a CTA that not only looks great but has a purpose for my audience.

Here are the first two video’s or players I created with ViewBix;

There are other reasons I like ViewBix over Post Magic but I don’t think ranting through them is worth the effort. I guess if your trying to use your CTA video player as a primary business then Post Magic might be something to consider. If you are looking for a CTA to help grow your primary bussiness and do not want to create a conflict with that business then ViewBix is a clear winner for you.



I just found one more difference. To become an affiliate of viewbix you have to sign up through sharesale. The cool part is that it is free. Post Magic wants you to sign up for $1000.00. So not only is viewbix a better tool but it is free to become a reseller :)

You can also see the video for Viewbix here



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