Nick Sarnicola on the ups and downs of business ViSalus

You would probably think that I would be bashing this video but the fact is that I am excited for all of my friends that are a part of the promotion side of ViSalus.

January 2010 Nick Sarnicola met with one of my highschool friends and told him the run that he would make over the next three years. He did not disappoint.

Nick has done it again. He has committed to the next three years to run again. To get everyone else on board, he has thrown out some impressive incentives.

So the question is will I jump back in the game? The answer is NO!

I left because the company will not allow promoters to participate in non-competing affiliate marketing opportunities. Because I have been a part of affiliate marketing for over 6 years now, I am not going to give it up.

In a more controversial reason for not going back, I have now added one more stipulation. I will not return until ViSalus starts offering a meal replacement alternative that is made with Whey Protein,sourced from grass fed cows without hormones or other drugs.

I am well versed in the non gmo soy protein that ViSalus provides and I have been informed of the isoflavone removal process by the company.

It is my personal preference to add this requirement.

I can tell you that I am bummed that I won’t be on this second wave and I wish my friends all the luck in world.





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