The Real, No Bullshit “Why I left ViSalus” Truth. Part 1

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I have written and deleted this post more than once because I am a very private person and to be honest the truth is embarrassing. I have always been a proud man and have found success in nearly everything I have ever done.  I have been able to create my path without others contributing or stopping me. This changed last March.

March 30, 2012 I was let go from my dream job. I was in an executive level position and was one of three members of the firm in line to become President. When two of the senior level members bought interest in the company earlier in 2012, I knew my time was limited.

I honestly just had enough. When I was let go, I smiled and handed over my company car keys and credit card and had nothing to say. I had already been on The Challenge for 60 days and was feeling pretty good about the product and decided to just go ahead and promote while I looked for a new job.

I was very successful on my challenge losing 41lbs in my first 90 days. As I kept looking for work, I kept pushing on with my challenge. I had became a promoter and by August 30th, 2012 had qualified as a Regional Director and the paid for BMW program.

I had learned a lot by the time I earned my BMW and realized that I had to have an additional income or I was not going to make it financially short term. A friend of mine turned me onto The Empower Network as a way to learn how to market my ViSalus Business and it had an affiliate marketing payment plan that paid when you told others about it and they bought the training.

Because no one was showing any interest in me professionally I chose to go ahead and join the Empower Network affiliate program as a possible additional income source. (When I first joined I only signed up for the blog and inner circle.)

To be honest, I thought I got hoodwinked when I first started because the training I thought I was buying was kind of week! Months later when I actually purchased the higher level training, I realized that it was the real deal. Worth every penny.

Now back to the leaving the business of ViSalus.

April 1, 2013 one of the 5 star Ambassadors of the ViSalus had announced that he had left because he was not allowed to be involved in more than one opportunity including affiliate marketing. Holy shitballs!, is all I could think. He was one of the mentors of David Wood who was a co-founder of The Empower Network. If he was leaving then I knew I was fucked!

I started looking for the updated Policies and Procedures for ViSalus to see what was changed. As I read on I realized two things. 1. I was not going to be able to continue promoting ViSalus and being an Affiliate of The Empower Network. 2. I was not going to make it financially with only one income source.

As you can imagine I was a little pissed. I had yet to get hired by anyone and I needed the two sources of income. Somewhat out of protest to the more robust Policies and Procedures of ViSalus, I said fuck them, and announced that I was leaving the business of ViSalus! Of course this caused a stir because in November 2012 I was one the male semifinalist for best transformations and ViSalus used my before and after as the cover photo for the top 2012 transformations on the Vi facebook page.

In retrospect, I should have just went out and got a minimum wage job and kept promoting The Challenge and left the The Empower Network behind. (fact is I did try to get hired as seasonal help at LOWES and they said I was over-qualified (fuckers))

So why would I chose ViSalus over Empower. Simple, I was very passionate about ViSalus because, no bullshit, it worked. I loved the support of the community. I loved helping others set goals and achieve goals. I felt as if I had purpose and I was good at it.

Please don’t take my admission to chose ViSalus over Empower Network as a knock on Empower Network. I would not trade the training I received from EN for anything. It is without question the best you can invest in. It is updated often to keep current with what is working in the world of online marketing.

So all of this brings me to today.

Today I am residing in South West Florida because my sister was gracious enough to let me work with her at her business. PLUG:

Now that I have a steady income, my mind is free to consider what is really important to me.

I loved ViSalus and I am going to go back to promoting the Challenge. I am going to take my personal challenge more serious. Which really means that I am going to limit my carbs and sodium as before and I am going to actually do some cardio.

There is more to this story that includes my daughters, love, heartbreak, and other fun stuff but I will leave that to part 2.

For a few of you Ambassadors that think it is cool to make statements on Social Media about how funny or cool it is when people come back to ViSalus, ” Fuck YOU” , grow up. Just as we do not know your real story, you do not know all of ours.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t last long! In October 2013 I learned that ViSalus either changed their formula or lied. Doesn’t matter which one is true, I quit for good this time.

After a long time away from ViSalus, I chose to start using IsAgenix. I first want to remind you that ViSalus worked great for me in 2012 however IsAgenix works better. IsAgenix also has a product that does not use soy! So if you want to use what I use, please click this link


Dave Bernard

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